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It’s nice to see you! How’s the family? You are welcome to come in, pull up a chair, and watch me Drive, Play, Create, Build, and have Fun. However, ThisDamnScotsman Headquarters is more than just my channel on YouTube. Here I will be posting Blog posts on things that interest, intrigue, or annoy the crap out of me as well as the odd channel/website update log to keep you in the loop. I also have a section on what games/simulators I have in my Steam/GoG/Origin libraries. A Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section is also part of this site, and please don’t get offended if I send you to that section to answer a question that I get all too often, and don’t like repeating.

This site has been built with expansion in mind, and new sections may pop-up from time to time. Thanks for comin’ & ┬áHaste Ye Back!

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My YouTube Channel is filled with Simulator content because I’ve been Simulating Reality since 1998!



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